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He And His Son Took The Same Photo For 27 Years, Until The Last One.

Photo Through The Years
A very special photo ? As a little girl, my dad and I used to chat as he'd tuck me
into bed at night. I can still remember him telling me that,
as you get older, time starts to fly by.
Of course, I couldn't understand then just how true his words were.

But now that I'm older, with kids of my own that are growing like little weeds,
I hear his words replaying in my head often.

The man below must have also had a heads up that time would start rapidly
picking up speed once he became a father.
So, for 27 years, he and his son locked each year into a photo.
Same basic pose, same 2 men. The only thing that changed in the images was
the natural progression of aging that God had created for them.
And it's pretty amazing to behold.
But the change that took place in the final picture had my heart in my throat…